Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Whether it be in the corporate, government, not-for-profit or small business sectors, leadership in this day an age is incredibly demanding. Leaders in today’s world deal with complex, ambiguous, rapidly changing and multi-dimensional challenges. Leadership is not for the faint hearted!

And yet, leaders who thrive experience incredible fulfillment knowing they are making a difference and fulfilling their higher purpose. In order to thrive, leaders must be adaptable, resilient, focused, self-aware and emotionally intelligent. They need to be able to inspire a vision, communicate with clarity and handle conflict in a healthy manner. Above all, thriving leaders are acutely aware of how their work aligns with their higher purpose and values. Mark’s leadership coaching has enabled clients to experience significant growth within all of these areas.

When Mark coaches leaders, he spends a lot of time listening to his clients and asking clarifying questions in order to ascertain a clear agreement on the outcomes that they are looking for. He then coaches to these outcomes, continually checking in with clients to check if they wish to change or refocus, which often happens as greater awareness is achieved through the coaching process. The client is always in the driver’s seat!

With over 1 000 hours of coaching long-term unemployed and 1 200 hours of coaching ill and injured soldiers, Mark has become very experienced in coaching to build resilience and adaptability, which he very effectively translates to coaching leaders in any sphere. Resilient and adaptable leaders are leaders who thrive! Coaching to build greater awareness and resilience can release leaders into new levels of confidence and effectiveness.

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