Coaching Education

Coaching Education

Mark has been a Coach Educator for ten years, teaching and equipping coaches in two ICF-accredited coaching education organisations.   He is a lecturer in coaching and positive psychology at the Australian College of Applied Professions (ACAP) where he oversees the ICF-accredited undergraduate and postgraduate coaching education.

ACAP is one of only two tertiary education institutions in Australia whose coaching education is ICF-accredited.  For more information about the Bachelor of Counselling (Minor in Coaching) or the Graduate Certificate of Applied Coaching, visit the Australian College of Applied Professions website, or chat with Mark.

Mentor Coaching

With over 4 000 logged coaching hours and having mentored more than 500 coaches, Mark is highly regarded as a coach mentor.  Mark is currently only one of a small number of coaches within Australia who hold an MCC credential, the highest globally recognised credential within the coaching industry.

Mark is a Registered Mentor Coach with the International Coaching Federation, and as such is qualified to mentor coaches who are pursuing their Master Certified Coach (MCC) Professional Certified Coach (PCC) or Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential.

Mark also mentors coaches who may not be seeking an ICF credential but wish to sharpen and expand their coaching skills.  Because Mark is a credentialed MCC, this mentoring is valid if credentialing is sort at a later date.

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