From Some of Mark's Clients

Mark is one of the most insightful coaches I have had the pleasure of working with. We relied upon his skills to hold up a major contract dealing with Trauma clients over three years. In addition to this his skills at managing our training course work, and delivering components of them was simply inspiring. He is totally reliable, frank in his feedback, gentle but direct in his observation and also open to personal growth and development opportunities. I can highly recommend Mark to all.
Dr Robert Holmes
CEO & Director of Research
Neurocoaching Australia


I had the pleasure of working with Mark to help me navigate the complexities and ever-changing demands of corporate and personal life.  mark provided me with a clear path to success while leave me in the driver’s seat to take ownership of the changes required, which I appreciated.  Mark is resourceful, insightful and discerning, and has the incredible ability to help you identify practical solutions yourself.  As a result of working with Mark, I have been able to implement incremental improvements to everyday life that has improved both my personal and corporate life and mindset.  Thank you Mark!
Ryan Harris
Capability Lead, Systems & Information
The Citadel Group Limited


Mark is an extremely insightful and well-informed Leadership Development Coach.  I found my sessions with him were tailored to my personal circumstances and he was able to adapt as needed, drawing from a range of frameworks and approaches – including traditional and contemporary material.  Mark provided the right amount of direction and guidance whilst creating the space for me to draw from my experiences and knowledge, maximising my learning and retention from each session.
Craig Stanley
Solution Architect
The Citadel Group Limited


My mentor coaching experience with Mark left me feeling much more confident and stronger in my own abilities as a Coach.  He has the ability to both guide and encourage whist welcoming natural honest passion to be present throughout conversation.  Mark provided a wealth of experience and knowledge that I am looking forward to being able to utilise in my upcoming coaching sessions.
Susane Belkhiati
Learning & Development Specialist
Coach & Certified Resilience Practitioner


Our business in digital marketing was experiencing rapid growth and I was finding it difficult to manage, along with the birth of our first child and an increasing longing for more creative work. In seeking a coach to help with this, it was important to me that they had achieved success and balance in areas of their own life. Mark’s wealth of experience as a successful leader in professional, community, and family life, makes him a gun.

Mark first helped me tackle the big questions… The why question (what is actually the point?) and the who question (what kind of person am I going to be to do what I’m called to do?) Having new clarity at this level brought a natural momentum in setting vision, goals and action plans, and therein lies Mark’s brilliance. He has a true gift of discernment in guiding discussions to arrive at the heart of a matter and help you to discover a whole new belief about what is possible. This breeds breakthrough, confidence and momentum. He also helped me identify likely hindrances to achieving my vision. This required honest reflection and trust which I had no reservation placing in Mark. His methods have given me the mindset needed to keep moving forward.

My lifestyle now has more balance and I’m investing more heavily in the areas that count; in family relationships and in working within my passion and calling. I am very grateful to have Mark as a coach.
Steven Packer
Grow Media


We recently engaged Mark Setch to deliver a professional development workshop to our team of caseworkers, and I am thrilled with the results. His workshop equipped our team with valuable skills in the use of powerful questioning techniques to increase awareness in the clients they work with. As I now observe and review the work of our team, I can see greater success with helping clients to move forward, and this has been as a direct result of our staff putting the workshop skills into practice. Mark was also able to provide a comprehensive manual to accompany the training, which has helped to embed the learnings for the team as they review and practice the new techniques. I highly recommend Mark as a group workshop facilitator. Thanks so much Mark!
Ben Brewer
Regional Coordinator – Doorways Program
The Salvation Army


Mark is a perceptive coach with extensive experience coaching people with trauma. He is a mentor coach par excellence and brings a gentle but engaging style to coax people into the open in order to make change in their lives. Highly recommended.
Claire Golding
People & Personal Development Consultant
Clayton Utz


I have known Mark for a number of years in a variety of different roles. Mark is one of the most attentive, interpersonal and easy to connect with people that I know. He has an uncanny ability to help you open up in a way that leaves you feeling built up, not judged. It’s probably because he genuinely cares for people, you know he is there for you, not for himself. He has a wealth of experience, is engaging in his delivery and has smarts that are amazing. I would happily recommend him anywhere as a trainer or personal / leadership coach.
Johnathan Brake
Business Growth Communication & Conflict Specialist


I have had the pleasure of Mark working at the Soldier Recovery Centre – Brisbane where Mark has coached 130+ soldiers who have been wounded, ill or injured. Mark has greatly assisted in either returning these soldiers back to work or giving them tools and strategies to leave the Defence Force. Mark is a highly professional coach who cares deeply for the people he coaches. He has outstanding oral communication. I have not hesitation in recommending Mark, as he has been a huge assistance to the Soldier Recover Centre.
Major Rebecca Conway
Officer in Charge
Solider Recovery Centre – Brisbane


Mark has been my mentor and coach for many years. He practices advanced coaching techniques that I have found highly effective in achieving outcomes in my business and personal life. His ability to get to the core of a problem and as a team, create solutions, is invaluable as a leader. Even through our lengthy time working together, he employs new and varied approaches in different coaching disciplines which I have found keep the sessions fresh and engaging. His coaching repertoire is large and he has a broad toolkit for directing results. Mark is not a run-of-the-mill coach. He has the skill, commitment and personality to go deep very quickly, which is incredibly important for connecting with your coach and really achieving what you want. I strongly recommend Mark for taking a leader to their next level, and the next, and the next.
Ryan Gray
Managing Director,
Argonyx Marketing


Coaching with Mark has enabled me with tools to step forward with challenges face me through life. These tools are being conveyed to my soldiers and (without realising it I am coaching them!) they are directly benefiting from the coaching I have received from Mark. I highly recommend Mark as a coach!
Australian Army – 7th Brigade Brisbane


Mark is an outstanding coach and mentor, who has enabled to help me take quantum leaps in my professional abilities and skills to engage with my work, grow in my own personal journey, and take on new challenges. He asks the persistent, penetrating questions that helps to reframe possibilities and open up new pathways without in any way spoon-feeding his clients. Mark’s coaching skills have been really helpful to me over the last 6 years as I have changed to higher level roles within my former company and am now my new organisation where I’m heading up a national program. Having experienced the benefits of 5 annual coaching packages, I can highly recommend Mark to anyone wanting to grow in their personal and work capabilities.
Dave Martin
National Bequest Manager
Bible Society in Australia


Coaching provided skills and tools to overcome hard and tough periods in both my personal and work life. I now feel guided and equipped to use this experience in my future both personally and in support of soldiers.
Australian Army – 7th Brigade Brisbane


Mark is an excellent coach. Asks just the best questions to help you find answers within yourself to achieve goals you have. After each session I am more certain about where I want to go and how to get there. I feel privileged to be coached with someone of such caliber.
Danijela Schubert
Associate Division Secretary
South Pacific Division
Seventh Day Adventist Church


By the end of my first session of coaching with Mark I felt as though my eyes had been opened. Mark assist me greatly in unlocking emotion I had previously kept deep inside and had not wanted to explore. By the end of the six sessions I had well exceeded all outcomes that I had set within the first session. I had made steps that I had previously thought impossible!
Australian Army – 7th Brigade Brisbane


When I commenced coaching with Mark I felt I had no hope or purpose in life, but throughout the coaching sessions I have been made aware of my potential and have clear direction and the tools to achieve my goals. I recommend coaching with Mark for anyone who is unsure of their future.
Australian Army – 7th Brigade Brisbane

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